XEAMS has now been replaced by Office 365

You can manage emails that were sent to quarantine instead of sent to you. 

NOTE: If you received a Quarantine Notification email, select Review. You can also visit the management site directly by going to: 


If you have verified that the email should not be blocked, you can select the "Release" button.

Follow these steps to manage all quarantined emails.


Sign in to Office 365 and go to https://protection.office.com/quarantine using your work of school account.


Select an email to view the details.

Release Message: Release a quarantined message (or set of messages) so that the message is sent to your mailbox.


Remove From Quarantine: Deletes the message immediately from quarantine without releasing the message to your mailbox.

NOTE: If you choose to do nothing, the message will be deleted by Office 365 automatically 30 days. Remember, when Office 365 deletes a message from quarantine, you can't get it back.