If you would like to use multiple monitors with your VDI, you will need to use the VDI Remote app.

Start by visiting the link below:


You will then be prompted to sign in with your district credentials. Please include bisd\ before typing in your district username as shown below:

You will then need to select the WIN10 Pro Desktop icon to Download the Remote App Connection. It should come up at the bottom of your browser, as shown below:

Double-click the cpub-WIN10 software and select Remote Desktop Connection when prompted. You can also check the Always use box to make the connection process faster in the future:

You will need to click connect on the trust publisher prompt. Once again, you can check the don't ask again box to make future connections faster:

You will be prompted again for your BISD credentials and after entering them you will then have access to your VDI via the app and can adjust your monitors as desired.