In order to give staff additional opportunities for you to collaborate in a digital online environment, we have added the ability of course teachers to add other BISD staff to any course you teach. 

Before you begin, please use extreme caution when adding other staff to your courses. Adding someone as a Teacher, TA, or Designer will enable them to edit your course content. Sometimes this can cause accidental deletions or edits that won’t be able to be unwound.

Additionally, adding other BISD staff members will also give them the ability to see student work, some roles will enable them to interact with your students, and see their discussion posts and any grades that have been assigned.

Please proceed with caution.

If you run into problems or need help completing this task, please submit a Help Desk ticket.


Open Canvas and select the course you want to add a staff member to.

Canvas Add Staff1-1.png


Select the ‘People’ link.


Select the ‘+ People’ button.

Canvas Add Staff2_3.png


‘Email Address’ is the default however if you know the staff network id you can select ‘Login ID’ as well.


Enter the staff person’s BISD email or login id. Multiple staff can be added at one time.

Canvas Add Staff4.png

Canvas Add Staff5.png


Select the ‘Role’ and the ‘Section’   


Teacher – full view and edit rights

TA – large # of view and edit rights

Designer – mostly content editing rights

View only – no editing rights

Canvas Add Staff6.png


Select the ‘Add Users’ button

Canvas Add Staff7.png