This article will show the Security Options that you have in ClassLink

First, you'll need to sign into Classlink at ""

From here, you'll select your "User Icon" from the upper right hand portion of the screen.

You'll then select the "Settings" option

From the available options, you'll select "Security"

From this section, You'll see the option to select a "Launchpad Password Recovery"

If you need to recover your password, you can do so by email validation or answering Security Questions

Here's an example of what my "Email" recovery option looks like

Then you'll see the option to set "Two Factor Authentication"

You'll press "Configure". From here, you'll be prompted to submit your Mobile Number. You'll receive a 

Verification Code. Type in the code and hit "Submit".

Two Factor Authentication is now Enabled.

Lastly, you can see all of your "Active Sessions". This lets you know if you're logged in anywhere else.

You have the option to logout of all other sessions. This is a good way to check for suspicious activity with your account.