1  Sign In

Your login page is a custom page specific to your school organization. Sign in by using your 

network login username and password.

2  My Apps

The My Apps screen is where all of your online resources will be located. If required, enter your 

username and password once and ClassLink will remember it for you! (Install the ClassLink 

Extension, if prompted.)

3  Edit Password

Right-click on an application and choose ‘Edit Password’ to update or change your stored username 

and passwords for your applications.

4  App Options

Right-click on an application to access its menu options in order to add it to the Favorites Bar, 

to a folder, to add tags, or to report issues the app may be having.

5  Edit Mode

QUICK GUIDE     launchpad.classlink.com 

To go into Edit Mode, click the paper and pencil symbol on the top left of your screen.  While in 

Edit Mode, you can create folders and customize your My Apps screen.

6  My Profile

Here is where you change your profile picture, themes & colors, access your password locker, sign 

in with options and password recovery options.

7  Teacher Console

From the Favorites Bar, teachers have the ability to view analytics and add applications for their 

classes using the Teacher Console app in order for students to access using the My Backpack app.

8  My Files

My Files allows you to connect other cloud drives in ClassLink to access all of your files in one 

location. If connected, your School Network Drive can be accessed as well.