Need help with Canvas during the day OR after hours? 

Birdville ISD has purchased Canvas Tier 1 Faculty and Staff Support to help you! 

What is it? Canvas Tier 1 Faculty and Staff Support quickly puts you in touch with the Canvas Helpdesk

Can my DLS still help me?

Yes! This new service is simply another layer of support to help you quickly get the help you need whenever you need it

How-To: In Canvas, click the Help button on the Global Navigation menu on the far left.


Then you will see this menu:

What types of questions and topics do they handle?

  • Everyday Canvas use 

  • Course management questions 

  • Skyward integration

  • Any technical issues or questions

How do I contact them?

All options are accessed through the Canvas Help menu.

There, you can choose 'Chat with Canvas Support' or even call a dedicated phone number for help.

Chat Response time is within minutes!

Call Response time could be longer (up to 2-hour call back) depending on traffic. 

Call: 877-357-1667

When are they available?

24/7 - All day, every day!

Who is there?

Dozens and dozens of professional, well-trained Canvas experts!