There are a few other helpful things to know about how Khan Academy works with the Clever Library.

Syncing with Clever

Your student and class data in Khan Academy will sync with your Clever roster each time you log into your Khan Academy account, so if you’re missing updates, try logging out and back in again.

Information only syncs one way, from your school district’s SIS to Clever to Khan Academy. In other words, the Clever roster “rules”; we consider your Clever roster the source of truth. This means that any student additions made to your district or schools’ SIS will flow through to Clever, and then on to Khan Academy, and you should not take any additional action in Khan Academy to add students. Additions to your rosters will automatically refresh the next time you log in.

Khan Academy receives very limited data on your students (first name and last initial only, and no email via the roster data). This means that you will see limited data on your students in your Teacher Dashboard, and email address updates made in Clever won’t flow through to Khan Academy.

Removing a Class or Student

We currently err on the side of caution for removing a class or a student, since there may be past student activity you want to retain in your Teacher Dashboard. If a student or class is removed from your roster in Clever, we’ll keep it in your Khan Academy account unless (or until) you manually delete the class or remove a student from your roster (at which point it will be permanently removed from your Khan Academy account).

However, remember that data only flows one way (from Clever to Khan Academy) and that it updates every time you log into your Khan Academy account. If you delete a student or class in your Teacher Dashboard but they are still in your roster in Clever, then they will reappear the next time you log into Khan Academy, since the Clever roster is the source of truth.