When I search for a student in a product (504 / RtI / SpEd), their name does not show up.

First, be sure that you are NOT hitting "enter" after you type a student's name. This can cause no results to populate in the results bar.

If you are not hitting enter, and the student still does not show up, then you will need to check to see if the student is "enrolled" in the product (RtI/504/SpEd) you are working in. To do this, select the “Student Search” link or the Students button at the top of your menu bar. When prompted, type the student's name (and DO hit “enter” after you type). When the student shows up, click the yellow pencil to the left of the student's name. Once you're at that student's profile, you'll select the "Enrollment" tab and select the product in which you want the student to be enrolled. Then click save! 

Now that the student is enrolled in the right product, you'll need to make them active within that product. To do so, select the "Program Compliance" tab of the student's profile and scroll to the specific product's section, then use the drop down menu to select "Active" under Status. Be sure to click save again before you leave! **NOTE: A student should be activated under Special Education only by someone within the Special Education department--such as a diagnostician, ARD facilitator, case manager, etc--unless directed otherwise.**

When I search for a student within SuccessEd, their name does not show up.

If the student does not show up after you search using the directions above, they likely have not yet been imported from Skyward (our Student Information System--or SIS). To import a student from Skyward, click the Orange “Add a New Student” link, then type (and "enter") the student's name again. When their name appears, click "Import Student from SIS" on the far right side of the row. Now that the student has been imported into SuccessEd, you're ready to update their Enrollment and Program Compliance using the steps above!

A student that I know is active in Skyward does not show up when I select "Add a New Student".

If you are using the Chrome web browser, try using a different one--such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.) and follow those steps again. If the issue is not resolved, please contact SuccessEd's helpdesk at https://support.successed.net/