I don't know where to go to login to SuccessEd.


I cannot log into SuccessEd.

Be sure you are using your BISD email address as your username. If you still are unable to log-in, select the "Forgot Password" link on the log-in screen. Once you enter your username, an email will be sent to your BISD account with a link to reset your password.

When I go to reset my password, it tells me that there's no record of my account.

This message appears for users who have not registered for an account in SuccessEd yet. This will typically be anyone who was hired after the summer. 

To register for an account, follow the steps on this document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NpEceiAIKet3DXRZggO5j4jA36oMy8vI/view?usp=sharing. Once registration is complete, an activation email will be sent to your BISD account.

I am able to view locked forms, but I cannot create new drafts.

This is likely due to the role you have as a user. If you feel you are in need of a role that allows you to create drafts, please contact the BISD representative for the corresponding product.

I can't log into SuccessEd using the app on my Classlink portal.

While an app for SuccessEd can be added to your portal, it has not been activated for single sign on use. Please go directly to https://start.successed.net to log in--do NOT use ClassLink.