What is Unicheck?

Unicheck is a plagiarism checker. It verifies the originality of submitted texts or documents and delivers detailed similarity reports to instructors and students.

Unicheck can be used by instructors and students in Canvas Assignment activity. After you submit an assignment, instructor receives a comprehensive similarity report, which becomes available within a few minutes.

Unicheck compares submitted documents with the Internet and the Unicheck Institutional Library (i.e., assignments submitted by other students and/or assignments that were directly uploaded to the Unicheck account by administrator or instructor).

Unicheck Report

Unicheck Report highlights all text segments that match Internet and Library sources and provides a list of matched sources. 



Please refer to Interpreting Similarity Results in our Unicheck Report Guide
 for details on how to interpret the Unicheck Report.

Does Unicheck Grade My Assignment?

No. Only your instructor can grade your assignment. Unicheck helps to assess your submission by providing a similarity report and calculating a similarity score.

Are Citations Included in Similarity Score?

If your instructor decides to exclude quotes and/or references, Unicheck will identify and highlight properly formatted in-text citations and/or references (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard). Detected quotes/references will not be checked for plagiarism.

If instructor allows students to see their similarity reports, you will see excluded in-text citations and references highlighted in blue and purple respectively.

NoteInstructor can manually exclude or include individual in-text citations or similarities (matched sources), which may reduce or increase the similarity score.

How and When Can I View the Similarity Report?

You can view the similarity report if your instructor has made it visible to students. Unicheck Report is generated within a few minutes after submission. However, when the similarity report becomes visible to students depends on your instructor’s settings for each particular assignment.

Once the Unicheck Report becomes visible, you will see a colored similarity score indicator next to a file name in Canvas Submission Details section. Click on the similarity score indicator to view the online report.


Another option is to access Unicheck Report from the Grades section by clicking the colored indicator.


Unicheck Report uses different colors to display the similarity score indicator (each color is attributed to one particular similarity score range):

  • Blue: 0%
  • Green: 1-24%
  • Yellow: 25-49%
  • Orange: 50-74%
  • Red: 75-100%

Please refer to Interpreting Similarity Results in our Unicheck Report Guide for details on how to interpret the Unicheck Report.

Can I See My Instructor’s Feedback?

Instructor may decide to leave comments on your similarity report. When viewing a similarity report, click the Comments button above the Side Panel to see highlighted area(s) of the document and corresponding instructor’s comments on the Side Panel.


The Unicheck Comments tool is a separate tool that allows to leave comments specifically within the similarity report. Instructor’s comments will be also added to the PDF Unicheck Report. Your instructor can still use the Canvas Assignment Comments tool to comment on an assignment. 

Can I Resubmit My Assignment After I Have Received a Similarity Report?

Yes. Unicheck does not limit the number of submissions. You can make multiple submissions within the same assignment – instructor will see a separate similarity report for each submission. Unicheck will not compare your submissions within the same assignment.

How to Download a Similarity Report?

When viewing an online similarity report, go to the Options Menu and click Download.


Choose one of the following options:

Download Original File: Download the originally submitted document. 

Download PDF Report: Download the Unicheck Report as a PDF file.