Clever is no longer utilized in BISD and students should only utilize Google or ClassLink to sign into resources. XtraMath is not rostered by BISD therefore students should utilize their Google accounts to log in to this resource. Here is a list of things you can try to adjust your XtraMath account if it is linked with Clever.

Disconnect Clever

Under account settings you can scroll down to Linked Account and try to disconnect Clever. This option may not be available depending on how you set up your Xtramath account the first time.

Delete Account & Reattach Students

Under account settings you can scroll down to the very bottom and delete your teacher account. 

*Make sure you have a list of all your students login information, specially the Xtramath pin number they are assigned. You will need their pin number to bring them back over.

You will then need to sign up again. When you sign up you can choose to sign up with Google or use your BISD email address. Do not select Clever.

Adding Students

Once you recreate your teacher account you will add students back into your class. You will go to Add Students and select “Existing students with sign-in information”. You should be able to enter your email address as the previous teacher, followed by the students first name and their Xtramath pin number.

This should allow you to bring your students back over without losing any data.